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Neal Z. (2013). The Connected City: How Networks are Shaping the Modern Metropolis.  New York: Routledge.  [ROUTLEDGE]  [AMAZON]

Flier  [PDF]

Table of Contents & Chapter 1  [PDF]

Reviews –
    Contemporary Sociology  [PDF]

    Economic Geography  [PDF]
    Environment and Planning B  [PDF]
    Journal of Transportation Geography  [PDF]
                                        International Journal of Urban and Regional Research  [PDF]

Common Ground book
                  cover Orum A & Neal Z, eds. (2010). Common Ground? Readings and Reflections on Public Space.  New York: Routledge.   [ROUTLEDGE]   [AMAZON.COM]

Detailed Table of Contents  [PDF]

Chapter: Locating Public Space  [PDF]

Chapter: Relocating Public Space  [PDF]

Review in City and Community [PDF]

Referreed Journal Articles & Book Chapters
Neal Z. (In press.) Making big communities small: Using network science to understand the ecological and behavioral requirements for community social capital. American Journal of Community Psychology[PDF]

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Neal Z. (2012). ONEMODE. Boston: Statistical Software Components. [LINK]

Neal Z. (2012). AIRNET. Boston: Statistical Software Components. [LINK]

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Book Reviews
Neal Z. (2014). Review of Networked: The New Social Operating System, by Lee Rainie and Barry Wellman. City and Community 12, 412 – 414.  [PDF]

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Other Publications
Neal Z. (2013). Smart Connections. RSA Journal, Spring, 26 – 29.  [PDF]

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Neal Z. (2009). Managing Editor's Farewell. City and Community 8: 209.  [PDF]

Neal Z. (2008). Letter to the Editor: Normality. Contexts 7(2):4.  [PDF]