Courses recommended for graduate level-

PSY 410 Neurobiology of learning and memory
PSY 440 Attitudes and social cognition
PSY 463 Introduction to cognitive science
PSY 800 Theories of learning and motivation
PSY 806 Advanced neuroscience techniques laboratory
PSY 809 Developmental psychobiology
PSY 811 Advanced behavioral neuroscience
PSY 815 Quantitative research design and analysis in psychology
PSY 842A Social cognition
NSC 840 Writing in the sciences
ZOL 413 Laboratory in behavioral neuroscience
ZOL 415 Ecological aspects of animal behavior
ZOL 430 Neuroendocrine aspects of behavior
ZOZ 804 Molecular and developmental neurobiology
ZOL 822 Topics in ethology and behavior ecology
ZOL 849 Evolutionary biology
BMB 461 Biochemistry I
BMB 462 Biochemistry II
BMB 801 Molecular biology
ANR 489 Integrated approaches to agriculture and natural resources problems
ANR 491 Selected topics
ANS 801 Recent advances in animal welfare science
ANS 825 Animal biotechnology
ANS 890 Advanced independent study
ANS 999 Doctoral dissertation Research
STT 464 Statistical methods for biologists I
STT 465 Statistics methods for biologists II
RIN 895 Research ethics

Assessment of animal welfare...
Developing protocols to assess the processes by which humans develop their attitudes toward animal welfare issues; developing a novel concept to be used ...

We have developed a model to increase education of animal welfare issues based on a traditional curriculum feature within animal science departments: judging teams ...
Equine Welfare Intervention
Strategy. is a ten-day intervention strategy designed to investigate the welfare of working horses, to develop realistic solutions to critical welfare issues facing these ...