Recent Abstracts & Graduate Theses

A Novel Method for Teaching Animal Welfare Concepts: Animal Welfare Judging Teams
C.R. Heleski, A.J. Zanella, E.A. Pajor

Influence of housing on weanling horse behavior and subsequent welfare
C.R. Heleski*, A.C. Shelle, B.D. Nielsen, A.J. Zanella

A Non-Invasive Method to Monitor Stress Hormones In Large Cats

Abstract for Senior Thesis, 1999 Amy Shelle

A review of facility design and study of handling methods on stress and behavior in market swine

Master of Science Theses 1998 Brundige, Lorrie R.

Human characteristics and handling strategies: The effects on the behavioral and physiological response of pigs to student handlers
Gemus, Madonna Eva

Behavioral and physiological responses of horses to initial training: The comparison between pastured versus stalled horses
Rivera, Elissette

Segregated early weaning stress has acute and long-lasting effects on growing pigs
Yuan, Yan

Animal Nutrition, Animal Genetics, Breeding and Ethology
Christel Moons
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Low Morning Cortisol in Mid-Pregnancy is linked opsychosocial indices of Chronic stress related to uncertainty
Holzman C, Zanella A, DeVos E, Rahbar MH, Zhou S, Leece C, and the Prematurity Study Group. Michigan State University, East Lansing MI, USA

Assessment of animal welfare...
Developing protocols to assess the processes by which humans develop their attitudes toward animal welfare issues; developing a novel concept to be used ...

We have developed a model to increase education of animal welfare issues based on a traditional curriculum feature within animal science departments: judging teams ...
Equine Welfare Intervention
Strategy. is a ten-day intervention strategy designed to investigate the welfare of working horses, to develop realistic solutions to critical welfare issues facing these ...