» Funding & Existing grants at the Department of Animal Science and Behavior:

USDA/NRI - Aim II: To monitor the impact of age and glucorticoid receptor agonist/antagonist injection on indicators of spatial memory, social behavior and behavioral development.

Animal Coalition - Limiting cow field-of-vision to reduce aggressive feeding behavior and hay waste.

NSF - MEMS biosensor array for biochemical and clinical diagnostic.

Animal Industry Coalition - Coussens et al. (2001)
Development of a bovine gene discovery cDNA library and Microarray Set

Animal Industry Coaltition – Buskirk et al. (2001)
Limiting cow-field-of-vision to reduce aggressive behavior and hay waste

– Penn State sub-contract - Tadigadapa (2001)
MEMS Biosensor array for biochemical & clinical diagnostics

USDA/NRI – Zanella et al. (2001)
Hippocampal glucocorticoids mediate behavioral responses to stress in piglets "

March of Dimes Foundation– Holzman et al. 2002 “Stress and pre-term delivery"

Mink Farmers Research Foundation
The Effects Enrichment devices on the Performance of Stereotypies in Mink

Animal Industry Coalition - Zanella and Heleski (2002)
Animal Welfare Judging Teams: An Integrative Way to Assess Animal Welfare

Assessment of animal welfare...
Developing protocols to assess the processes by which humans develop their attitudes toward animal welfare issues; developing a novel concept to be used ...

We have developed a model to increase education of animal welfare issues based on a traditional curriculum feature within animal science departments: judging teams ...
Equine Welfare Intervention
Strategy. is a ten-day intervention strategy designed to investigate the welfare of working horses, to develop realistic solutions to critical welfare issues facing these ...