Temple Grandin Ph.D
Assistant Professor of Animal Science, Colorado State University,
Fort Collins, Colorado, 80523, USA

Consultant and designer of livestock handling facilities, Grandin Livestock
Handling Systems Inc. Dr. Grandin is a designer of livestock handling facilities and an Assistant
Professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University. Facilities she has
designed are located in the United States, Canada, Europe, Mexico,
Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. In North America, almost half
of the cattle are handled in a center track restrainer system that she
designed for meat plants.

She obtained her B.A. at Franklin Pierce College and her M.S. in Animal
Science at Arizona State University. Dr. Grandin received her Ph.D in Animal
Science from the University of Illinois in 1989. Today she teaches courses
on livestock behaviour and facility design at Colorado State University and
consults with the livestock industry on facility design, livestock handling,
and animal welfare.

She has appeared on television shows such as 20/20, 48
Hours, CNN Larry King Live, and has been featured in People Magazine, the
New York Times, Forbes, and U.S. News and World Report. She has also
authored over 300 articles in both scientific journals and livestock
periodicals on animal handling, welfare, and facility design.

Temple's seminar will be at the Gold Room B, Michigan State University
Union Building (Corner of Abbot road and Grand River)

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