Adele Douglass
Executive Director
Farm Animal ServicesWashington, D.C.

As Executive Director of Farm Animal Services Adele Douglass planned, launched, and now leads Farm Animal Services and the Free Farmed program. Ms. Douglass is responsible for providing the vision, objectives and ongoing management of all aspects of FAS. She directs and coordinates all policies, programs and activities. She has cultivated FAS' producer relationships, secured select channel placement and served as media spokesperson.

She serves as an invited participant on a variety of industry animal welfare committees including for the Food Marketing Institute, National Council of Chain Restaurants,the United Egg Producers, Burger King and Yum! Brands Inc. (Previously, Tri-Con). Prior to her position with Farm Animal Services, Ms. Douglass was director of the American Humane Association's Washington, D.C. office for 13 years. In that capacity, Ms. Douglass advanced the organization's legislative agenda to protect both children and animals. She testified on a variety of issues at Congressional hearings, wrote comments to federal agencies on proposed regulations and policies, met with key legislators and White House staffers, and initiated federal legislation.

She also represented AHA at meetings and national conferences across the. To encourage grassroots lobbying by constituents, Ms. Douglass produced a national newsletter with up-to-date information on issues and legislation and has written booklets on legislative activism for animal and child advocates. Ms. Douglass gained her expertise on legislative matters as a staff member for former U.S. Representative Bill Green (R-NY). During that time, she initiated and developed legislation in the areas of agriculture, public lands and commerce, appropriations, animal protection and educational issues. Prior to this position, Douglass spent many years in state politics. (Web Link) (view pdf file)

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