ANS890 Recent Advances in Animal Welfare Science
Credits: 2 credits
Time: Friday 8:30-10:20

On site facilitators:
Dr. Ed Pajor (Purdue University)
Dr. Adroaldo J. Zanella (Michigan State University)

Course Description
: this is a multi-instructional, multi-disciplinary course offered to senior undergraduates and graduate students at Michigan State University and Purdue University. Lectures will originate at MSU, or Purdue and be video-linked to the partner universities. Lecturers will address a variety of issues relevant to animal welfare (see attached sheet for proposed lectures and lecturers). Lecturers are recognized experts in their field.

Assessment of animal welfare...
Developing protocols to assess the processes by which humans develop their attitudes toward animal welfare issues; developing a novel concept to be used ...

We have developed a model to increase education of animal welfare issues based on a traditional curriculum feature within animal science departments: judging teams ...
Equine Welfare Intervention
Strategy. is a ten-day intervention strategy designed to investigate the welfare of working horses, to develop realistic solutions to critical welfare issues facing these ...