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The Soil and Water Research Lab at MSU is dedicated to fundamental and applied research that will help the society successfully safeguard and responsibly utilize soil and water resources. Current research activities are mainly focused on the movement of water, solutes, and particles in natural and engineered systems, particularly in the unsaturated soils (i.e., the vadose zone). The ultimate goal of the lab's research is to promote protection of soil and water resources and sustainable agricultural production through understanding of fundamental transport processes and scientifically-sound management practices.   

More News

July 14, 2015, former high school researcher Yi-Jiao Song in our lab is going to Cornell for her undergraduate study. Congratulations, Yi-Jiao!

June 9, 2015, New Publication! Our lab published a paper on binding mechanisms of arsenic on magnetite nanoparticles in Environmental Science & Technology. Doctoral student Cheng-Hua Liu is the leading author. Congratualtions to Cheng-Hua!


May 21, 2015, New publication! Dr. Zhang co-authored a paper on a quick and effective method for measuring pharmaceuticals in vegetables published in Journal of Chromatography A.


April 2, 2015,  Our doctoral student Cheng-Hua Liu won the Best Poster by a Graduate Student in the 2015 Fate of Earth Symposium. His poster title was "Long-term sorption kinetics of lincomycin by biochars from water". Congratulations, Cheng-Hua!

March 25, 2015, Dr. Wenjun Gui from Zhejiang University joined our lab as an visiting scholar. Welcome, Dr. Gui!

February 21, 2015, New publication! Dr. Zhang co-authored a paper on reverse engineering biochar published in Bioresource Technology.

Biores tech
January 10, 2015, New publication! Our lab published a paper on transport of  smectite colloids as influenced by plant root exudates  in Soil Science Society of America Journal.  Congratualtions to Dr. Yuan Tian.

December 5, 2014, Dr. Zhang was selected into the 2014-2015 cohort of MSU Academy for Global Engagement.
October 10, 2014, New publication! Dr. Zhang co-authored a paper on transport of engineered nanoparticles in a red soil, published in Journal of Hydrology.

September 21, 2014, 13.1 MilesWei finished Capital City River Run Half Marathon with a chip time of 1:57:23.
September 09, 2014, New publication! Dr. Wei Zhang co-authored a paper on the history and potential of subsurface water retention technology (SWRT) developped by Prof. Alvin J.M. Smucker in Journal of Soil and Water Conservation


June 25, 2014, New publication! Dr. Wei Zhang co-authored a paper on effect of hydrofracturing flowback fluid on colloid transport in unsaturated porous media, published in Environmental Science & Technology.  The  paper  was featured in a Ameical Chemical Society press release and a Cornell press release


June 16, 2014. Kathie Wu started as a Multicultural Apprenticeship Program (MAP) student in our lab. Welcome, Kathie!

June 9, 2014. Yi-Jiao Song started as a high school researcher in our lab. Welcome, Yi-Jiao!JCH
June 1, 2014, New publication! Dr. Wei Zhang co-authored a paper on nano-silver transport in a Chinese red soil, published in Journal of Contaminant Hydrology.

April 8, 2014, Congratulations to Cheng-Hua. He was awarded with Carter Harrison Endowed Fund Graduate Student Award.

Dr. Wei Zhang
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