It all started at the young age of zero when Jared was born at Sparrow Hospital. From the first day that he took his own breath, he knew that he would be the best and most perfect at anything he tried.

While in elementary school, he would only walk down the hallway if other students would use their crayons to color pieces of paper red. His motto was make do with what your given, if this is the only way he could get a red carpet in elementary school, he was going to get it.

The playground lessons were taught by the king. Crowds of little youngsters would gather around and listen to the spoken word of a legend in his own time. From explaining how to use bathroom passes to skip school, to teaching his apprentices how to make copies of extra credit tickets, Jared built up a solid reputation as the boss.

In middle school, he had the underground on lock more than the transit strike in New York. You name it, he had it, and he could get you a copy of it if he didn't already have it. Money came easy to Jared. One day it was mowing lawns, the next day it was selling bootlegs, the third day it was flipping ice cream sandwiches. It started early and never stopped. His first official job while in eighth grade, Jared knew that nothing could stop him.

While in highschool, Jared was presented with the opportunity to pull in more money than most people see in their entire lifetimes. With nothing to prove, he still had the desire to show himself that there is no limit to the amount of commas in the bank account. Raising over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in less than six months, Jared helped a local skate park foundation to erect a public skate park.

As he moved on to college, the multiple jobs grew and the leisure time shortened. The bank accounts grew larger and the boss gained more titles.

If you have read this far, I am really surprised. The above was all filler text that I wrote while designing the site. I didn't want to use lorem ipsum text.

When you're not working, you're not making money.

- To Be Continued