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2012-13-Outreach to local students

My lab considers outreach to local students an important mission and component of our work. We had three opportunities for outreach in the Winter of 2012-13.

1. We were visited by the Dewitt High School AP biology class. The students were able to see swimming vibrios, bioluminescent vibrios, and even plate their own cultures.

2. Ben, Disha, and Chris visited Chris' daughter Emma's 5th grade class to show them bioluminescent Vibrio harveyi (don't mix up the cholerae cultures!) and the tiny critters that live in their aquariums.

3. Chris demoed bioluminescent V. harveyi at the Murphy elementary science night to a few hundred student, siblings, and parents! Finding Nemo was a frequent topic of conversation.

Click on this picture to see a video of the student's watching swimming bacteria!

Emma's class!