Research Tools


MSU personal webspace
Make your own website to get the attention of perspective advisers or bosses

Each MSU student, faculty, and staff member is allocated central network storage space.
We highly recommend its use as a back up for important data files such as term papers or
dissertations. Each faculty, staff and student of Michigan State University receives 1GB of
AFS space. Additional space can be purchased as needed. This space can be used to remotely
store files or setup web pages.

Introduction to Programming

Programming is an essential skill for your future career whether you become an experimentalist, theorist, or observer

Learn to love it

Useful quantities
My most used bookmark

Updated yearly with the latest greatest cosmological constants

Software Carpentry
Useful programming reference

International Astronomy Meetings List
I try to check this once a month for cool workshops and conferences

IDL functions
If you use IDL, learn to love this site

Numerical Recipes
Many languages available

Latest and (sometimes) greatest papers

If you want to do optical observations, this is your greatest tool

Plotting Programs

Here are various plotting programs that you will eventually need to make publication quality plots