Women and Minorities in the Physical Sciences

WaMPS is an active student group at Michigan State University.  Our purpose is to support and to promote women and minorities in the physical sciences.  We maintain an active program of informal discussion, peer mentoring, and networking.

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Social gatherings

We organize professional development workshops and fun peer-networking events.

When we can arrange lunch with a female or minority speaker, we hold an informal discussion, not only on their research, but also on career challenges and issues of work/life balance. 

2013/2014 (current)

President -           Aimee Shore

Vice President -   Bethany Niedzielski

Treasurer -          Kortney Cooper

Webmaster -       Aimee Shore

Mentoring Chair - Steve Quinn


President -           Aimee Shore

Vice President -   Mandie Gehring

Treasurer -          Kortney Cooper

Webmaster -       Carolyn Peruta

Mentoring Chair - Carolyn Peruta

Our Officers

Our Mission

We’d like to acknowledge the support of the Physics and Astronomy Department and the National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory.  In particular, we thank or faculty sponsor, Professor Filomena Nunes.

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Our Mission

WaMPS Tailgate                TBA

Lunch with 1st year grads    TBA

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