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An Adviser's Top Three Suggestions

Help on Campus

If you are having difficulty taking notes in an instructor's class, talk to that professor and ask for assistance especially with what s/he considers significant. Some instructors will also make their notes and class slides available on the web. Observe the note-taking systems of successful students and try out some methods that might work for you. Also, ask your academic adviser for assistance.

Help on the Web

Study Skills Self-Help Information

There are a number of great study skills tips on this Virginia Tech Study Skills site. For help with note taking look at the menu on the left-hand side of the webpage and select any of the entries for Note Taking help such as Note Taking – The Cornell System, Editing Lecture Notes, and Note Taking and In-Class Skills.

Effective Note-Taking

A very thorough discussion of note-taking that reviews what you should do before the lecture, during the lecture and after the lecture.

Listening and Note Taking

Listening skills and effective note-taking skills go hand-in-hand. Visit this Cuesta College website for guidelines for effective listening skills and taking lecture and textbook notes.


This is a great site from the Dartmouth Academic Skills Center. This site empasizes the importance of active listening as a part of your note-taking. There are links to handouts as well as a link to a short video on note-taking.

How to Use the Cornell Note Taking System

This link will download a pdf created by the University of Houston-Victoria that describes the Cornell Note Taking Systm and how to effectively use it.