Rebuilding the Rainforests
Loida and a Tree Seedling

This girl is Loida, who lives on a farm right next to a very large rainforest. She was only five when the picture was taken but now she is nine. Her family is very poor.

Loida is sitting next to a tree her family planted to help rebuild the rainforest. They planted about ten thousand trees on their farm to make the trees grow back in the old pasture.

One of the exciting things that Loida's family did was to try to rebuild a rainforest, not just plant some trees. They used different kinds of trees to give a diverse forest, not just a farm of one kind of tree. This helps the animals have more places to live and different trees to live on.

Rebuilding a rainforest is called Restoration. Reforestation is a word often used as well, but sometimes people use that to talk about making tree farms, which aren't very good for the plants, animals, and soil of a rainforest.

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