What is Tower Guard?

Tower Guard was founded in 1934 by May Shaw, the wife of former MSU president Robert Shaw. She founded the all female honor society as a service oriented organization which would help to serve the needs of visually impaired students at Michigan State University. In 1977, membership was opened to the outstanding young men on campus in addition to women. Each year, approximately eighty sophomores are chosen to carry on the tradition based on their academic excellence, leadership, outstanding character, and commitment to service.

As members of Tower Guard, our main commitment of service is to persons with disabilities at Michigan State University. In the course of the school year, each member of Tower Guard will spend four hours per week translating textbooks into an electronic format, reading exams and schoolwork to visually impaired students and other students with impaired reading ability. Over 85 percent of the reading for the blind is done by Tower Guard, thus maintaining MSU's outstanding service to students with disabilities.

Tower Guard members are selected from the top five percent of the freshman class. They must exemplify leadership, scholarship, outstanding character, and commitment to service.

Photo by: Carly Schneider.

Tower Guard Scholarship

All current Tower Guard members are eligible, and encouraged, to apply for this prestigious scholarship, generously funded by the MSU Resource Center for Persons with Disabilities. Please read over the invitation letter and submit applications to Annie Hess at hessand5@msu.edu by 11:59 p.m. on April 6, 2015.

Click here to download the invitation to apply; this document has important information regarding the scholarship, so please read through it before applying. To download the application form, click here.