Multiscale Applied Physics Lab for Earth Science


We are at sea - the Hawaiian Jurassic Quiet Zone survey.
Please join our expedition on R/V Sikuliaq!!! Masako Tominaga (MAPLES, center), Maurice Tivey (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution), 4 MSU undergrads, and 4 extra-MSU students are currently conducting at-sea geophysical investigation of the nature and behavior recorded by the western Pacific seafloor.
(left: Matt Karl and Tyler Ruchala (MAPLES) conducting gravity tie at Pier 34 in Honolulu before we set sail.)

Scientists at MAPLES
Masako Tominaga (Click here for updated CV)
Principal Investigator
"My job at MAPLES is to facilitate creative & productive research and to help establishing members' career paths."
Laney Hart
Undergrad Research Assistant, Honors College, Sept. 2012-
"I am currently a junior undergraduate at Michigan State University. I am pursuing a major in geology with a concentration in geophysics. I have worked with bathymetry and gravity data, and I am excited to keep expanding my knowledge base. "
Tim Stadler
Graduate Research Assistant, Aug. 2013-
"I got my B.S. in Geology from UW Oshkosh and am studying marine geophysics with Masako. I will be working on interpreting multi-channel seismic data from the Jurassic ocean basin in the western pacific for a Masters project. I also play on the MSU Mens Club soccer team."
Matthew Karl
Graduate Research Assistant, May 2014-
"I got my B.S. in Geology from Univ. Michigan and am pursuing PhD in marine geophysics with Masako."
John Greene
Undergraduate Research Assistant
"Currently, I am an undergraduate student at Michigan State University. I am working towards a degree in environmental geoscience with a concentration in geophysics. In the lab, I am deciphering the sedimentary environment on the top of Atlantis Massif using near-bottom photomosaics (collaboration with Dr.Blackman)."


Michael G. Baker (guest research associate, currently at Colorado State Univ)

Aiman Shahpurwala (TBA)