Dr. Gönül Pultar is the founding president of the Cultural Studies Association of Turkey (2005- ), and was the founding chair of the Group for Cultural Studies in Turkey (1999-2005) until it was dissolved to give way to the association (www.kulturad.org). A graduate of Robert College, with a B.A. in Comparative Literature, she received her doctoral degree in English at Middle East Technical University (1994). After an early career in journalism, she turned to teaching and has taught at Middle East Technical University (1982-1990); Bilkent University (1992-2002); and Boğaziçi (Bosphorus) University (2004-2005). At Bilkent University, she also served as the founding deputy director of the Center for Turkish Literature (1998-1999), and the coordinator of Bilkent University Seminars in Literature, Society and Culture (2003-2004). Dr. Pultar was a fellow at the Longfellow Institute of Harvard University in 1998.

Dr. Pultar has served as Vice-president of the American Studies Association of Turkey (1994-2000); a member of the Executive Committee of the Discussion Group on American Literature in Languages Other than English of the MLA (1998-2002), chairing the Group in 2002; a member of the International Committee (1997-2000) and a member of the Sakakabira International Prize Committee (2000-2002) of the ASA; a member of the Advisory Board of the Longfellow Institute at Harvard University (1998- ); a member of the Advisory Board of MESEA (Multiethnic Studies: Europe and the Americas, 2000-2004); a charter member of IASA (International American Studies Association, 2000- ); and served on the Steering Committee of MELUS-Europe (1998-2000). She is currently a member of the Editorial Board of The Journal of Popular Culture, and a member of the Advisory Board of MELUS-India (2004-).

Dr. Pultar was the founding editor of Journal of American Studies of Turkey (1995-1999). Her published works include the monograph Technique and Tradition in Samuel Beckett’s Trilogy of Novels (1996); and the collection of essays On the Road to Baghdad or Traveling Biculturalism: Theorizing a Bicultural Approach to Contemporary World Fiction (2005). She was the guest editor of the September 2006 issue of Comparative American Studies, a special issuedevoted to American literature in languages other than English. She moreover authored numerous encyclopedia entries, and articles and essays in books, and journals published in the US, The Netherlands, Germany, The Russian Federation, Japan, India, and Turkey; and her essay “Postmodern Resistance or Public Mask: The Islamic Veil in Europe” is forthcoming in the U.K. in a collection edited by Jopi Nyman. Her short story “Leda and the Swan” (published in Cultural Horizons, 2001) can be found at <http://www.turkish-lit.boun.edu.tr/work.asp?CharSet=Turkish&ID=1592>. She has published in Turkish two novels: “The World is a Merry-go-round,” 1979; and “Let Them Drink Water from My Hands,” 1999; and a number of edited books, among which are “Culture and Modernity,” 2003; “Cultures of Turks/Turkey,” 2005; and “Islam and Modernity,” 2007 (as the titles would translate in English). She is currently working on a collection of essays titled “Imagined Identities: De/Construction of Culture, Ethnicity and Trans/Nationhood in the Age of Globalization” based on the symposium organized in Istanbul by MESEA and the Cultural Studies Association of Turkey.

Dr. Pultar can be reached at:
Cultural Studies Association
Inebolu sokak 9/4
34772 Istanbul – Turkey
Phone/fax: +90 212 292 2229
E-mail: gpultar@kulturad.org