Vol. 45.6, December 2012

Gary Hoppenstand


“Terror in Horror Genres: The Global Media and the Millennial Zombie” by Nicole Birch-Bayley

“Edith Wharton Meets Aquaman: The Glimpses of the Moon and Imperiled Male Culture in Entourage” by Donna Campbell

“Failure to Launch: Not-So-Superheroes in Gravity’s Rainbow and Superfolks” by Megan Condis

“Ernst Benjamin Salomo Raupach’s Vampire Story ‘Wake Not the Dead’” by Heide Crawford

“Challenging Lilywhite Hollywood: African Americans and the Demand for Racial Equality in the Motion Picture Industry, 1963-1974” by Andrew Dawson

“The Accidental Supermom: Superheroines and Maternal Performativity, 1963-1980” by Laura Mattoon D’Amore

“Smiles of Oblivion: Demonic Clowns and Doomed Puppets as Fantastic Figures of Absurdity, Chaos, and Misanthropy in the Writings of Thomas Ligotti” by Jason Marc Harris

“The Female Link: Citation and Continuity in Watchmen” by Erin M. Keating

“A Myth about the Present: The Shaw Brothers’ The Monkey Goes West Series in the 1960s” by Yan Liang

“Shock Corridors: The New Rhetoric of Horror in Gus Van Sant’s Elephant” by Jennifer A. Rich


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