Vol. 45.4, August 2012

Editorial: Something Wonderful This Way Came
Gary Hoppenstand

Guest Editorial: Deep Culture
Margaret J. King


“Going Places:  The Pleasures of Production and Imperial Visual Cultures in the Stratemeyer Syndicate’s The Moving Picture Boys” by Stephen Michael Charbonneau

“Chuck Versus the Machine:  The Intersection of Biology, Technology, and Identity on Chuck” by Joseph J. Darowski

“‘I Was Just Doing a Little Joke There’: Irony and the Paradoxes of the Sitcom in The Office” by Eric Detweiler

“Resistive Radio: African Americans’ Evolving Portrayal and Participation from Broadcasting to Narrowcasting” by Judy L. Isaksen

“Like Sportive Birds: The Girl Aviators Series and the Culture of Flight in America, 1911-1912” by Lisa M. Stepanski

“Transnational Transformations: A Gender Analysis of Japanese Manga Featuring Unexpected Bodily Transformations” by June M. Madeley

“Light for Light’s Sake: Thomas Kinkade and the Meaning of Style” by Julia Mason

“‘Say, Who Are You Anyway?’: Clowns, Childhood, and Madness in The Character of Harpo Marx” by Richard Niland

Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner: The Web of Racial, Class, and Gender Constructions in late 1960s America” by Anne Gray Perrin

“Haunted Infocosms and Prosthetic Gods: Gibsonian Cyberspace and Renaissance Arts of Memory” by Joel Elliot Slotkin

“The Coexistence of Folk and Popular Culture as Vehicles of Social and Historical Activism:  Transformation of the Bumba-meu-Boi in Northeast Brazil” by Meredith W. Watts and Simone Linhares Ferro


Newman, Michael Z. Indie: An American Film Culture. New York: Columbia University
Press, 2011.  Reviewed by Michael Civille.

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