How much does it cost to come?

Nothing. Our club is proud to be free to attend.

Do I need to wear anything special?

Not really. Casual dress attire is fine. In terms of footwear, it's best to wear sneakers or tennis shoes.

Do I need to bring a partner?

Not required. However, we always encourage people to bring their friends.

Should I go to the beginner lesson or the intermediate lesson?

In the beginner lessons, we will assume that people are inexperienced at dancing, and our primary goal will be for everyone to understand what we are teaching. This means that we will slow down and essentially hold people's hands to help them through something if they are struggling. If we don't get through all the material because we need to slow down, then that's OK.

In the intermediate lessons, we will assume that people have enough dance experience to learn new things quicker than beginners. Our goal will be to get through a certain amount of material, not have everyone understand it - although we would be happy if they do! We will still do what we can to help the students, but not by slowing down the class if most other people are getting the material.

Anyone can try either class. But beginners will likely be frustrated if they attempt an intermediate lesson, so they may want to just observe the intermediate lessons until they feel ready.

I am not an MSU student. Can I still come?

Of course! Our club is open to all students, alumni, and community members.