shingleton lab

integrative developmental biology


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Graduate Students

The Shingleton lab welcomes highly motivated students who are keen to conduct research on any aspect of integrative developmental biology. Lab interests span almost all levels of biological organization, and our research utlizes a wide diversity of experimental techniques, from microarray analysis, through confocal microscopy to behavioral assays. Interested students are welcome to visit the lab or contact us via email.

Addmission to the lab is through one of two routes: You may apply to join the Zoology Department as a graduate student or you may apply to join the MSU Genetics Program.

Undergraduate Students

The Shingleton lab is an excellent place to gain research experience in preperation for a PhD graduate program. Students conduct supervised but largely independent research on a variety of topics, and are integral members of the lab.

Students can enter the lab via the Honors College Professorial Assistantships, via the PURL program or as research interns. Internships are advertised periodically. Alternativly, interested students may contact us via email to enquire about openings.

Postdoctoral Fellows

There are currently no funded positions for Postdoctoral fellows in the Shingleton lab. However, individuals interested in joining the lab are encouraged to contact us to explore potential research projects within the lab foci.