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Meeting Minutes for 1/12/2010

MSU Sailing Club Minutes 1/12/10


  1. Introduction of new members
  2. Regatta Report
  3. Reports of officers
  4. New Business
    1. T- shirt decisions for Strictly Sail
      1. White short-sleeve: green "Spartan Sailing" front; Michigan State sail back
      2. Caribbean blue (teal) short-sleeve: wheel front-left chest; "Live Slow Sail Fast" back
      3. Dark green long-sleeve: white "Michigan State Sailing"
      4. Grey short-sleeve: green "Michigan State Sailing"
      5. White long-sleeve: green "Spartan Sailing" down left sleeve; burgee on lower right front
      6. Lilac short-sleeve: white "NautiGal" w/anchor
    1. Strictly Sail- who is going...
      1. Thursday:
        1. Caiti, Molly*, Ashley, Carrie, Audrey?
      2. Friday:
        1. Brad P, Brad S, Pete Rocco, Pete P, Bens?, Jovan?, Craig
    2. Midwinters
      1. Pete Petersen
    3. Hotel Rooms
      1. One additional room for Friday and Saturday night.
      2. Additional housing at Pete Rocco's house?
  5. Old Business
    1. ICSA registration - www.collegesailing.org/directory/individual/
    2. Dues
  6. Discussion
  7. Announcements
  8. Adjournment