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Welcome to MSU Sailing
The Michigan State University Sailing Club is a group of students who love sailing or want to learn more about it. Members compete in collegiate regattas nearly every weekend of the fall and spring semester within the Midwest Collegiate Sailing Association (MCSA), and often out of district within the Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association (ICSA). The club receives no funding from the school and is funded entirely by its members.

If you would like us to help you with dock removal/installation,
please e-mail our Vice Commodore

MSU sailors:
Don't forget to register for the ICSA http://www.collegesailing.org/directory/individual

If you are attending your first regatta, you may want to check the sample packing list: Packing List

Important Links:

Midwest Collegiate Sailing Association: www.mcsasail.org

Inter-Collegiate Sailing Association of North America: www.collegesailing.org

American Sailing Institute: www.sailasi.org

Check out Match Racing: Ender-Racing!!!

    Last Update: 11/21/13