What is the MSUET?
The MSU Equestrian Team was formed in 1982 by a small group of MSU students. The purpose of the Team was to meet other students interested in equine activities and to compete at horse shows sanctioned by the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA). Read more about the history of the team. MSUET is split into a Hunt Seat team and a Stock Seat team, with about 20 riders on each team. Riders are placed into a particular division according to their riding skill level and show experience.

Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association
The Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association (IHSA) has a nation-wide membership of 315 Colleges and Universities. Students who do well at IHSA shows can qualify for regional and national championship competitions. MSU belongs to Zone 6, Region 3 of the IHSA, as do Grand Valley State University, Hillsdale College, Ohio Wesleyan University, Otterbein College, Saginaw Valley State University, The University of Findlay, The University of Michigan, and Western Michigan University. The college or university that is hosting a competition provides horses. See the Calendar link for the IHSA show schedule for MSU.

Requirements and Responsibilities for Team Members
The IHSA requires that team members meet certain criteria, and there are many responsibilities a team member will have.

Tryout for the Team
Tryouts for the team are held once per year in the fall. You must be on time to tryouts and follow directions. Dress professionally for given seat (no spurs; boots and helmets required for all) Sign in, pay $10 ($15 if you are trying out for both teams). **Note: Even if you are selected for both teams, you much choose which team you wish to participate on. You can only participate on one team for the year.
You will not be permitted to try out if you can not pay the fee at the time of the tryouts.
Find out which division you will be trying out for and pick up your number

Tryouts will be held similarly to shows:
Draw for the horse you will show
Mount when instructed and adjust your stirrups
Enter the arena and perform the tasks called to the best of your ability
There is to be NO TALKING in the arena during riding times, and outside coaching during your tryout will not be tolerated
Your riding skills will be evaluated by a panel
Upon completion, take the horse back to its handler
Previous team members are required to ride in the tryouts.
Every person who tries-out for the MSU Equestrian Team must help groom, tack and un-tack horses, and must be available to help during the tryout process.

Tryout Meeting:

Hunt Team Stock Team
Contact Karen Waite
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