Thursday, September 01, 2005

The MSU Spartan Marching Band in Edwardsburg

Greetings, Spartan Gang!

The MSU Spartan Marching Band will be in Edwardsburg on Friday September 16 (the night before the big game in South Bend). They will be performing and holding marching band educational clinics in Dowagiac during the early afternoon and then will come to Edwardsburg in the late afternoon for dinner and rehearsal prior to taking the Eddie's football field to perform during their home game against Coloma. This is all part of the latest news from local club member and MSU alum, Tracy Thompson in Edwardsburg.

Tracy works for the Ed'burg school system and has been instrumental in organizing a reception of sorts for the MSU band members. The gap (and opportunity that Tracy saw) was regarding dinner on Friday night.

Here is what Tracy has so far: Berrien County MSU club has donated $1000 toward a Port-o-pit chicken service that night. High school student members of the Business Professionals club will run the Port-o-pit event to serve and commune with the MSU band members. The Middle School cafeteria has been reserved for the meal and band members can use the locker rooms as a temporary home base. After dinner, the band will have a warm-up rehearsal and then perform a "march to the stadium" on the grounds of Edwardsburg High School. Later, they will perform at half-time. During their stay in Edwardsburg, they will have overnight hosting by members of the school faculty, administration and high school band families. Everyone has rallied to make sure the players have a place to stay.

Now for the opportunities for our club. Only the chicken is provided for at this point. We see an opportunity to provide side dishes like potato salad, fruit, chips and other items in addition to dessert. Our club is fledgling at this point so while we may be financially weak, we are socially strong. Each of you is invited to share this evening with the MSU band and their hosts in Edwardsburg. Ideally, bring a side dish or dessert, but even if you and your family can only come out to share in the experience, you are more than welcome. Help to serve the band, but then join in the meal, too!!

Dinner will be at 5:00PM
March to the stadium will be at 7:00PM
Kick-off of Edwardsburg vs. Coloma will be at 7:30PM
MSU band will perform at half time.

**Remember that these are all Michigan times!!**

Here's what you can do right now:
--Choose a food to bring (remember not only that it is a large band, but they are college kids with college appetites!! Consider a couple dozen cookies or tub of macaroni salad or bananas, etc. Cash is acceptable as a donation, too.
--RSVP regarding food that you are planning to bring to Tracy Thompson. She may suggest an alternative item if it seems that everyone is planning on bringing chocolate chip cookies!

Tracy's contact information:
phone number is 574-289-3593.

Looking forward!!
David A. Visser
MSU Alumni Club of Michiana


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