Next generation community ecology
New genomic, biophysical, analytical, and experimental approaches applied to study the ecological and evolutionary assembly of biological communities.  [Research description] 

Research updates:

Beginning to schedule summer talks, so far only 
American Society for Microbiology
Boston MA :: May 17-20
I've proposed to talk about building high throughput strategies to determine the fitness landscapes of viruses. The goal is to predict host shifts of viruses.

A number of papers are on the hirzon, look out for:

Luis Zaman and my work on coevolved complexity in review at PLoS Biology

Rob Beardmore and my work on the biophysics of trade-offs in E. coli, possibly Science

 Alita Burmeister and my work on changing fitness landscapes of a virus, to be submitted to Evolution

Eric Kelsic's and the Kishony Lab's work on higher order species interactions, to be revised and submitted to ELife

Departmental Fellow 
Systems Biology
Harvard Medical School
Justin Meyer 2010

Curriculum Vitae

Contact info:

justin.raymond.meyer [Skype]

536 Warren Alpert -- Harvard Medical School -- Boston MA 02115