Poster Presentations

Helping Others Benefit from your International Travel

Mary Andrews, MI and Nancy Crago, PA

This poster represents the findings of the National Impact Evaluation of the Polish-American Extension Project, 1990-96. Listed are a presentation of tips to consider before, during and after an international travel or work assignment to maximize benefits for those left behind—family, friends, co-workers, clientele and community members.

2.     Building Community in Arizona and Jamaica

     Sherry Betts, Beth Tucker, Dan McDonald, Donna Peterson, Steve Husman and Cythina Flynn, AZ

The Cooperative Extension Service of Arizona joined with the University of Technology in Jamaica to concurrently present a community development program series to a community in Arizona and a similar series to a community in Jamaica. During the program, participants from the two sites visited each other and compared approaches. The focus of the exchange was cross-cultural and international development.

3.     Community Agricultural Development in Kazakhstan: Impacts here and abroad.

     Reed Findlay, ID

      A review of one agent’s technical assistance assignment in Kazakhstan and how that experience has benefited both Kazakhstan and Idaho.

4.     Corriboree—4-H Across the Seas”

     Robin Gallaway and Virginia Bourdeau, OR

Corriboree—4-H Across the Seas” was the title of the mini-grant project that unfolded as a collaborative effort between the Natural Science Project of 4-H in Oregon and the School System of Morwell, Victoria Australia. By developing an on-line curriculum focused on habitats, water quality, wildlife and photo monitoring, groups of children from both Oregon and Australia could jointly pursue science lessons and interact with each other about their work. The poster reports on the pilot schools use of the site during fall 2004.

5.     Internationalizing Extension: Making a difference among Faculty, Students and Local Government Officials

      Nick Place, Pete Vergot and Steffany Dragon, FL

This poster reports on the evaluation implemented along side the mini-grant project from Florida that consisted of an in-depth professional development experience including international travel. A unique aspect of this project was the joint involvement and interaction of participating graduate students, extension field agents and local county commissioners.

6.     Outcome’s Genealogy---to---Future Generations

S. Kay Rockwell, NB

Many educational and not-for-profit agencies are using “Outcomes Models” to support program evaluations. This poster will track the heritage of the “outcome- thinking” movement and Extension’s contribution to it, primarily through the foundation laid by the “Bennett’s Hierarchy”. It will lead to the future in thinking about managing evaluations in collaborative programming with other agencies or organizations, or in managing evaluations in collaborative efforts between and among Extension partners.

7.     ACDI/VOCA: An Opportunity to Develop an International Track-record

Kent Ayers, Recruitment Manager, ACDI/VOCA

ACDI/VOCA is a private, nonprofit international development organization providing high-quality expertise at the request of agri-businesses, cooperatives, and private and governmental agencies abroad. In response, ACDI/VOCA recruits US agricultural, financial and other professionals who contribute their time and expertise on short term assignments usually lasting 2-4 weeks. ACDI/VOCA pays 100% of all project-related and travel-related expenses. For many volunteers, these opportunities open new doors to the international arena, building new skills, expanding global knowledge and creating potential educational and trade linkages for US citizens.