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IAH 201 U.S. and the World
1880 to the present; from isolation to global community

Primary Sources

19th Century
Frontier Thesis
Chinese Exclusion Act
Various Texts Mostly 19th Century
Carnegie - Gospel of Wealth
The Populist Revolt
Bryan's Cross of Gold
Plessey v Ferguson
The Social Gospel
McKinley's Justification for Taking the Philippines
Anti Imperialist League
John Hay's Open Door Circular
Documents Relating To American Foreign Policy 1880-1914
Images from the "Yellow Press"

Early 20th Century
Imperialism - John Hobson 1902
Lennin's Definition of Imperialism
Roosevelt Corollary
Taft's Dollar Diplomacy
Zimmermann Telegram
Eugene Deb's Against The War
The Social Gospel
Wilson's War Message
The Fourteen Points
Keynes "Economic Consequences of the Peace"
The House of Morgan

End of War, Return to Normalcy
Immigration Restriction
Kellogg Briand Pact 1928
Secondary source on cultural heros
Franklin Roosevelt's First Inaugural
Benito Mussolini - What is Fascism

New Deal

Second World War and Cold War
Munich Agreement
Roosevelt's War Message
Women and the War Effort
Kennan's Long Telegram
Kenna's X Article - Containment
The Marshall Plan
Truman Doctrine
Truman Loyalty Oath
NSC-68 - Cold War Policy Document
Eisenhower Doctrine
Joseph McCarthy
Walt Disney before HUAC
Eisenhower Warns of Military Industrial Complex
The Domino Theory
The Organization Man
How To Win Friends and Influence People
Atlantic Monthly article on Reinhold Niebuhr

The Sixties and Civil Rights
On The Road - Kerouac
The Other America - Harrington
Norman O. Brown - Life Against Death
Norman O. Brown - Love's Body
Ronald Reagan on Barry Goldwater 1964
The Feminine MystiqueChapter 1
MLK Letter from a Birmingham Jail
SDS Port Huron Statement
Lyndon Johnson - The Great Society
Lyndon Johnson on Vietnam
MLK on Vietnam
Call For Resistance 1967
National Organization For Women 1968

Women Against Feminism
Susan Faludi
Jimmy Carter's Malaise Speech