Segway Inc.'s Human Transporter (HT) models

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Segway Centaur (ATV Series) with Lithium batteries (OS 14.1)
Announced 10/04, Not Yet Released

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The Segway Centaur is quite a cool bit of design and when you add some of Michelin's tweels instead of regular tires that is one-styling ATV. The centaur is not soon to be released, but working pre-production units are out and about. Interestingly, the Centaur will go faster than any previously released Segway HT, even though it does use the same i Series base unit. The specifications indicate it will go up to 20 mph when all four wheels are down, but when you pull a wheely and turn it into a two-wheeled vehicle (Segway HT style) it won't go faster than 12.5 mph for safety sake.

From the Segway Inc. website:
Like the mythical half-horse, half-man of Greek lore, Concept Centaur combines the best of several technologies to create an innovative whole. The result of exploration by Segway Inc.'s product development team, Concept Centaur will challenge the way you think about four-wheeled transportation. From time to time Segway's product development team devotes days, or even weeks, to creating new product concepts with the goal of finding a prince among frogs. It's a product exploration process they call "frog kissing." During this time, engineers and designers are encouraged to use any available materials in a very short time frame to prove a concept will work. Recently, the product development team demonstrated that Concept Centaur was a prince -a concept that passed this initial feasibility test, but is not yet ready to become a product. Concept Centaur demonstrates Segway's continued commitment to breakthrough innovation and the innumerable possibilities for the future of personal transportation. Concept Centaur combines proprietary dynamic stabilization technology with advanced propulsion and suspension systems, and an intuitive user interface to create a unique four-wheel device that is easily controllable on two or four wheels. Its full suspension and aggressive rider positioning provide an exhilarating ride for one or two people while maintaining control over a variety of terrain. Its rugged performance, zero emissions, and quiet operation make it a good low-impact way to explore the world. Its power and versatility make it suitable for a variety of indoor and outdoor recreational and commercial applications.

The Centaur has new intuitive user controls:
Thumbs forward: The Centaur's forward and backward propulsion is easily controlled by pushing a thumb throttle located on the underside of the right-hand handlebar.
Pop a wheelie: The Centaur uses dynamic stabilization technology to limit and/or maintain the angle at which the rider experiences the device. What would normally be a dangerous maneuver on a motorcycle or ATV becomes safe and controlled on the Centaur. In addition, the rider can position his/her body in three different ways, which makes for a fun ride. This technology also allows for a high-performance design with a short, compact wheelbase - a combination that traditionally can be very difficult to control.
Lean forward, go forward: If you've haven't yet experienced the Segway HT, now is the time. If you have, you know what we mean by intuitive controls. Concept Centaur uses dynamic stabilization in a similar way. When on two wheels, the Centaur is controlled by how the rider shifts his or her weight. To go forward, lean forward. To go back, lean back

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The Segway Centaur spotted in the wild, with tweels (left).

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