Segway Inc.'s Human Transporter (HT) models

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Segway XT (i Series) Midnight Blue-color "Cross Terrain" with Lithium batteries (OS 14.1)
Released 3/1/2005, Original Price $4995 (Current Price $4995)

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The XT is a novel rugged Segway HT with heavy-duty steel wheels, sturdy new fenders and large tires. In this case the Lithium ion batteries enable the Segway XT to have adequate power to two-wheel-drive its way through extreme terrains. Although on first glance one might consider the XT the unfortunate "hummer" of the Segway line, I admit I may have originally felt the same way yet my opinion has changed. I recently watched a policeman gracefully patrolling the sidewalks of Chicago on an XT and it looked like the perfect tool and perhaps even more stable than more narrow-wheeled i Series models.

From the Segway Inc. website:
The Segway Cross-Terrain Transporter (XT) is the latest self-balancing human transporter that provides enhanced performance on a variety of terrain with minimal environmental impact. Featuring all-terrain tires, a robust fender design, extended-range lithium-ion batteries and specially tuned software, this rugged Segway XT will go practically anywhere you want to go. The Segway XT has been specifically developed for stability, comfort and performance on uneven and tough terrain. The Segway XT's low-pressure tires cushion the ride on bumpy surfaces and minimize trail impact, while a continuous center rib provides a smooth ride on paved surfaces. The wider track increases stability on uneven ground, and the Segway XT happily navigates a variety of surfaces including sand, grass, gravel, dirt and pavement. Depending on local regulations, it may be possible to use the Segway XT on multi-use pathways but it is not intended for use on sidewalks or pedestrian walkways. The Segway XT also utilizes long-lasting lithium-ion batteries. The increased energy capacity of our lithium-ion batteries supports the demands of the Segway XT, while still providing a 10 mile off-pavement range (depending on terrain, riding style and payload). The sturdy fenders on the Segway XT are designed to protect the rider from debris and to safeguard the rider during leaning turns. The aluminum fender frames feature built-in lift handles that help you (and a friend!) get a grip on the Segway XT for loading in and out of a vehicle. Silver sport striping on black fenders combine with the polished aluminum wheels to create a machine of rugged beauty.

Segway HT XT (i Series) Midnight blue-color (originally released with OS 14.1) specifications

-Top speed and turning rate: The maximum forward speed and turning rate of your Segway XT can be set at different values based upon which key is used: Beginner Key (black): Maximum speed: 6 mph (9.6 km/h) Slower turning rate, Advanced Key (red): Maximum speed: 12.5 mph (20 km/h) Most responsive turning rate
-Range:10 miles (16 km) on a single charge. The range for each Segway XT model varies with terrain, payload and riding style. Under normal riding conditions, you can expect to ride about 10 miles on a single charge. When stored and charged at room temperature, the Segway XT can operate in environments ranging from 14 to 122 F (-10 to 50C). Actual performance is dependent on battery temperature, terrain, riding style and payload. The Segway XT's 7 in wide low-pressure tires and wide profile make it ideal for varied terrain and rugged environments. The Segway XT's inertial sensors constantly monitor the rider's position relative to gravity. This allows the Segway XT to adjust for changes in terrain while keeping the rider upright.
-Weight capacity: Total capacity (rider & cargo): 260 lbs (118 kg), Rider: 100-250 lbs (45-110 kg). The Segway XT can carry up to a 250 lb. adult. It can also carry up to 10 lbs. of cargo with the optional Segway Handlebar Bag.
-Size: Platform height: 9.5 in (24 cm), Footprint: 21 in x 30.5 in (53.3 x 77.5 cm), Ground Clearance: 4.5 in (11.4 cm) We designed the Segway XT to take up not much more space than the average person. A little wider than the average person's shoulders, it raises you 9 1/2 inches off the ground, providing a clear sight line of your surroundings.
-Weight: 100 lbs (45.4 kg). The Segway XT is durable and hefty, but we integrated lifting handles into its fenders to allow for easy two-person lifting.
-Power: Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Battery Packs. The Segway XT is one of the first Segway models that comes standard with Saphion lithium-ion battery packs. The batteries are designed with on-board electronics that automatically monitor both the condition and temperature of the batteries. Batteries can be recharged by utilizing any 90 to 260 volt and 50 to 60 Hz AC outlet (typically accessible in most countries). A complete cycle charge will take eight to ten hours, which at 10 cents per KW-h, equates to less than 10 cents of electricity. Li-ion batteries are designed for approximately 300-500 full charge/discharge cycles.

The Segway XT features.

CHANGES: Elements new to the XT model: the new steel wheels, the trim on the handle bars, the full-size heavy-duty fenders, large heavy-tread tires and software updates to 14.1 which recognizes Li-ion batteries.

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