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GRL Personnel


Julie LibarkinDr. Julie Libarkin, libarkin@msu.edu
Director, Geocognition Research Laboratory
Associate Professor, Geological Sciences & Division of
Science and Mathematics Education
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Duncan SibleyDr. Duncan Sibley, sibley@msu.edu
Professor, Geological Sciences
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Stephen ThomasDr. Stephen Thomas, thoma549@msu.edu
Assistant Professor, Zoology
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MSU State News article: July 26, 2009

Research Associates

Terri McElhinnyDr. Terri McElhinny, mcelhinn@msu.edu
Research Associate




Sarah JardelezaSarah Jardeleza, sarahejw@msu.edu
Research Associate





Graduate Students

Bob DrostRobert (Bob) Drost, drostrob@msu.edu
Graduate Student, Dept. of Geological Sciences
I started in fall of 2009 as a new graduate student.  My background is in Environmental Science with weather and climate being my main interests.  I intend to focus on the population’s misconceptions and reactions to the extreme weather impacts of climate change, and develop an understanding of the emotional impacts of these events.

Nicole LaDueNicole LaDue, laduenic@msu.edu
Graduate Student, Dept. of Geological Sciences
I started in the fall of 2009 as a new graduate student. I am interested in cognitive processes involved with understanding and learning geoscience concepts, bridging the worlds of research science and K-12 education, and promoting broad Earth System Science Literacy. I am working on projects in the Geocognition Lab as well as with Charles "Andy" Anderson in the College of Education. My graduate research is being supported in part by a University Distinguished Fellowship from Michigan State University.

Sheldon TurnerSheldon Turner, turne184@msu.edu
Graduate Student, Dept. of Geological Sciences
A graduate student in the Geocognition Research Lab since 2008, I have been in the process of developing instruments used to both gather and analyze data that are useful for investigating the interactions between spatial ability and performance in the geosciences. I utilize technologies like Tablet PCs and Geographic Information Systems in order to explore geocognition at a number of spatial and temporal scales. My background is in geology and physics (B.S. from Beloit College, Beloit, WI.) and my current interests are in science policy and geoscience education.

Christy SteffkeChristy Steffke
Graduate Student, Dept. of Geological Sciences
In May of 2011 I graduated from the University of Michigan-Dearborn with a Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences/Geology and Certification in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Remote Sensing. I now attend Michigan State University as a doctoral student in the Department of Geological Sciences' Geocognition Research Lab. My current research foci include employing spatial statistics to quantify eye track and lemur ranging data, characterizing incipient high-elevation plateaus, and gauging conceptualizations of earth science phenomena across the expert-novice continuum.

Undergraduate Students

Ben ArnostiBenjamin Arnosti, arnostib@msu.edu
Geography major

Gregory RuetenikGregory Ruetenik, rueteni2@msu.edu
Geological Sciences major

Brandon Hayes, hayesbr5@msu.edu

Steven Brickel II, brickels@msu.edu


Antonio Hamilton, hamil349@msu.edu


Nick MartinNick Martin, mart1275@msu.edu



Ji Yoon Chooji, chooji@msu.edu

Alumni & Honorary Members

Kelly RichardsonKelly Richardson, richa603@msu.edu

2010 GSA abstract: Training Matters: Eye-Tracking Insights into the Role of Training on Map viewing Behavior

Jessica CrawfordJessica Crawford, crawf297@msu.edu
Geography Major

Dr. Scott ClarkDr. Scott Clark, skclark@msu.edu
Scott is now an Assistant Professor at University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire
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Suttida RakkapoaDr. Suttida Rakkapoa, tha_416@hotmail.com
Former Visiting Scholar (2008-2009)
Ta is now a lecturer at Department of Physics, Prince of
Songkla University, Thailand

Sarah JordanSarah Jordan, jordans4@msu.edu
Former Undergraduate
B.S. in Geological Sciences

Sarah JordanEmma Giese, emmagiese@gmail.com
Former Undergraduate
B.S. in Geological Sciences

Alison StokesDr. Alison Stokes, alison.stokes@plymouth.ac.uk
Honorary Member; regular visitor
Research Co-ordinator, Experiential Learning CETL

Emily Geraghty WardDr. Emily Geraghty Ward
Emily is now an Assistant Professor at Rocky Mountain College
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Laurissa GulichLaurissa Gulich
Former Undergraduate
2010 Geological Society of America abstract: High School Student Understanding of the Cyrosphere

Onchira ChittasirinuwatOnchira Chittasirinuwat
Visiting Scholar, Dept. of Geological Sciences
Graduate Student. Mahidol University, Thailand


Thomas SingerThomas Singer
Former Undergraduate

Jasmine Marahar
Former Undergraduate