Scanning Probe Microscopy in CMSC


This is Digital Instrument MultiMode SPM with Nanoscope IV controller.

AFM has been widely used to observe the topological images of both conducting and non-conducting sample surface at nanometer resolution in air, liquid, vacuum and fluid-flow environments. In addition to the topographical imaging, AFM can also be used to probe nanomechanical and tribological properties of materials.

To operate the AFM efficiently, the user must become familiar with the many different scanning modes available with AFM. This laboratory will focus on intermittent contact mode, or TappingMode™ AFM. This type of scanning allows very delicate or fine scale structures to be imaged with very little damage from the scanning tip. Most of the topographical imaging performed in our lab, as well as others, is done with TappingMode™ .

Capabilities of the SPM


Training for New Users

  1. General rule for users
  2. Training Schedule
  3. AFM training notebook
  4. AFM probes purchase guide


Using Instrument

The facility is available 24/7 on an as needed basis for experienced users. For reservation, please use reservation book in Lab 3136.


Fee and Materials

User fee depends on funding resource. Please contact with Mike Rich about fee rate if necessary. User's should bring their own materials and tips.
We maintain a supply of tips for tapping (300 kHz) and contact mode. Tips are sold to user. Users should provide their own tips for advanced techniques.