I am a Visiting Assistant Professor in James Madison College at Michigan State University. I received my Ph.D. in political science from Arizona State University in 2008. I also hold an M.A. (2001) and B.A. (1999) degrees in international relations from Bilkent University, Turkey.
My research interests are in the intersection of comparative politics and international relations with a special focus on the role of religion in politics. I have three research agendas along these lines. The first examines the impact of the international context on domestic institutional change and policy-making. Based on my dissertation, I am working on a book manuscript entitled History, Norms and State Policies toward Religious Minorities: France and Turkey. The second looks at the relationship between Islam, secularism, and democracy. I have a number of published articles and working papers on this question within the Turkish and European contexts. My final research agenda is political economy of charitable giving. I am now working on a project, titled “The Role of Religious Beliefs and Institutions in Generosity: Catholicism and Islam.” The project examines the causal mechanisms behind charitable giving and voluntarism of the adherents of Catholicism and Islam in France, Italy, Ireland, and Turkey. In this project, which is funded by Templeton Foundation through University of Notre Dame (budget $363,666), I am working with two colleagues from Arizona State University (Carolyn Warner, Political Science; Adam Cohen, Psychology). 
My training and research experience allow me to teach a broad range of courses in Comparative Politics and International Relations. The courses I have taught so far are “Comparative Politics,” “Democratization,” "International Relations I:  World Politics and International Security," “International Relations II: Politics of International Economic Relations,” "Regional Politics, Cooperation and Conflict in the Middle East," "Comparative Analysis of Foreign Policy,” and a team-taught interdisciplinary social science course, “Introduction to Public Affairs II.”
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