Caml fans

Here is a stream-based prepositional phrase parser. The stream module is based on section 5.12 of Paulson's excellent book, ML for the Working Programmer. The adjoin2 combinator is right out of SICP's natural language example. These times are from native code compiled using ocamlopt 3.09.3 and running on a MacBook Pro at 667 MHz.

trees seconds
4PPs 42 0.02
5PPs 132 0.17
6PPs 429 1.78
7PPs 1430 30.47

The CYK parser for Minimalist Grammars that I describe in Appendix A of my dissertation. Implements a design presented in Henk Harkema's 2001 UCLA dissertation. See also

Henk Harkema. 2004. "A Recognizer for Minimalist Languages" in New Developments in Parsing Technology, Harry Bunt, John Carroll and Giorgio Satta, editors. Springer.

Oz fans

Here are some files that will calculate what a left-corner parser would do on the unambiguous stimuli from Experiment 4 of

Van Dyke, J.A. & Lewis, R.L. (2003). Distinguishing effects of structure and decay on attachment and repair: A retrieval interference theory of recovery from misanalyzed ambiguities. Journal of Memory and Language, 49(3), 285-316.

John T. Hale