Links to Images and Sounds
(okay, some are kinda cool and some kinda suck - you be the judge....)


0 From the eclectic to the specific, check out Spinner (formerly, if you remember that). Over 100 channels of yak-less, commercial-free blues (Chicago, country, Delta, female, etc.), "Love Gone Bad" rock, alternative, country, alternative-country, and so on and on, with an easily-changed browsing function.... Not the best quality on most home-desktop modems, but it's still pretty dang cool ... just as was....
0 NetRadio has a sound quality well above that of Spinner (especially if you're on an ISDN connection!), but it doesn't display song titles or let you preset your stations - to change channels, you have to return to NetRadio to make your changes. Still, you have jazz, blues, whatever ... the whole wad from which to choose!
0 Over 345 radio stations and 17 TV audios in 96 cities are covered with
(formerly These folks include full-length CDs and a few audio books in their library, as well as live stuff from Stanford's student station and some police scanners in a few of the crazier cities....
0 More to come!


0On their way!

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