Website Evaluation, 10.19.00

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Please answer at least three of the evaluation questions about your sites, as determined by the list established during classtime.
PowerPoint Presentations: ATL135:001-F00; ATL135:003-F00; ATL135:004-F00
You will be asked to share your evaluation of the sites with the rest of the group.
Group 1
America's Second Harvest
Teach For America
Habitat for Humanity International
Group 2
Michigan Comnet - Virtual Library
Idealist Home
Group 3
Amnesty International USA
Amnesty International U.S. Group 55
Amnesty International Volunteer Home Page
Group 4
Children's Defense Fund
Big Brothers-Big Sisters of America
Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Rensselaer County

Useful sites for web design tips:
(untitled: "10 Rules of Thumb for Design" Note: I would add an 11th Rule: TITLE YOUR PAGES! <g> -jd)
A List Apart: For People Who Make Websites - Workers of the Web, evolt!
The World Wide Web Consortium

As ever, for more information on webpage creation and design, contact the Writing Center for an appointment with a Digital Writing Consultant.