Dowell's Spring 1996 (and then some...)

John A. Dowell (who wrote this "Literature of Laughter" page-thing from the get-go) has this to say:

Since I first HTML'd this stuff for my BGSU Spring 1996 Literature of Laughter class just over a year ago, these pages have been "hit" several thousand times by various netizens for any number of reasons. That simply makes me do somersaults, do you hear me? Somersaults!
Who'd've thunk it?! Cool!

That said, I now feel rather obligated to keep this page somewhat updated, especially given the fact that this page has been mentioned in HUMOR: International Journal of Humor Research 10.2 (1997) ... if a bit incorrectly (but if you got here, you figured out the correct URL). And with that said, please bear in mind a number of items on this page were intended only for the students of the course.
Enjoy! (And please let me know if any of the links konk out. Sadly, some links go cold as a result of unbridled greed, which is anything but funny.)

Let's put the "Fun" back in "Fundamentals!"
Or, y'know, like, I dunno ... something.... Awww, whatever....

Achivement Requirements
Group Presentations
Reaction Papers
Annotated Bibliographies
Literary Terms
Planning a Research Strategy
Midterm One Foils
Midterm Two Stuff

A few thoughts on presentations...
as well as what you already knew.

Theory and History

Bibliographies from Don L.F. Nislen

Authors/Performers/Authors on Performers & Authors

Remember to check out these pages from some of the
true laughter professionals (yeah, right)!