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What were the Top 10 Stupid Tech Things of 2003? Well, according to CNN, let's start with iLoo....

I suppose one doesn't have to be stupid to spend this much time developing free Flash games, but it couldn't hurt....
(Shawn's favorite is MiniPutt: <> BTW, calling that 18th hole a Par 2 is just a BIG, FAT LIE!)



Mac users can subscribe to iCal calendars from the ridiculous to the sublime ... then back to the ridiculous.

Power on. Log in. Zone out. Welcome to Daggy Space of, "The Bandwidth-Killer Home Page."
A personal fave: Caskets on Parade's <> "Book of the Dead Database." <>

Lots of cute stuff at Flowgo ... some of it PG-13, but most of it would be cool to show your parents.



LiquidGeneration is not nearly as cute as the Flowgo stuff ... and much of it pretty well R-rated ... so you've been warned. One other warning, actually, is that they set the browser to automatically go FULL SCREEN. I hate that ... and presume you do as well.... (C'mon, LiquidGeneration ... don't be that guy!)
Here are the two things I showed in class from the "Sabotage" section - the "optical illusions" <> and the "color deficiency test" <>.

The Spongemonkeys LIKE the moon ... but not as much as a soup spoon! (Actually, this might belong under "terrifying.")



Iraq Coalition Casualties

"We don't do body counts," General Franks said. But here they are anyway.

The campaign to boycott "Killer Coke" is spreading across college campuses and through communities around the country. The Coca-Cola boycott was launched July 22 by the Colombian food and beverage worker's union, SINALTRAINAL, to shine a light on the murders of nine Coca-Cola trade unionists.



Swell quotes on topics from education to hard work to writing to schools to ... well ... like ... whatever. Word up to education majors!

Clearly, it's difficult to argue with a website which claims it's the "preeminant Internet publisher of literature, reference and verse, providing students, researchers and the intellecturally curious with unlimited access to books and information on the web, free of charge." While that might actually be a bit of horn-blowing hokum, is still pretty good when it comes to finding quotes relevant to your research!



The National Survey of Student Engagement (NSEE) has found that 83% of U.S. undergraduates regularly use information technology in their academic work - and an even greater percentage (87%) say that their peers at least "sometimes" copy and paste information from the Web without citing the source. George Kuh, Indiana University professor and NSSE director, says: "Technology could well be a double-edged sword. Unlimited access to information may help students produce more in less time, as indicated by their relatively high grades. But whether students are learning with authentic understanding remains to be seen."
USA Today 9 Nov 2003

AUTOMOTIVE: One of every four car sales in the U.S. will take place on the Internet by 2007, says Jupiter Research... BANKING: Wells Fargo, the nation's 4th-largest bank, now has 4 million active online customers... B2B: Cisco does more than 90% of its sales to other businesses online... EDUCATION: The University of Phoenix Online now has a student body of 63,000... ENTERTAINMENT: RealNetworks has more than twice as many Internet multimedia subscribers as Microsoft... HEALTH: WebMD gets more than 17.2 million visitors a month... MEDIA: More than 120 million people visited Yahoo from home in April [2003] - that's about the same number as tuned in all the major TV networks combined... REAL ESTATE: gets 9 out of 10 of the listings of houses for sale... RETAIL: Amazon's a giant, all right, but is still only the 54th largest retailer, well behind Sears, 7-Eleven, Barnes & Noble, and Wal-Mart... TRAVEL: Expedia leads the industry, with $5.3 billion in booking last year.
USA Today 22 Jun 2003

A truly clever little movie from using cookies (the yummy kind you eat, not the tiny data files) to demonstrate a redistribution of taxes to benefit America ... at least according to one well-intentioned ice cream hippy (and a few million who agree).



The Internet Movie Database settles ALL the important bets!

Come to think of it, the DICTIONARY settles important bets as well!