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Spring 2004 AL210 Requirements

[largely copped wholecloth from Dánielle's syllabus]


All of our course readings are online; you have no books or coursepacks to purchase (use that saved money to buy software you might not already have). Readings include a variety of texts, including editorials, how-to essays, social/technological commentary, and technical articles about the web and web authoring. All readings are linked from the "readings" area of this site.



Participation - both as an individual and as a group member - is both utterly essential and a requirement for this course. Come to class on Mondays and Wednesdays prepared to discuss readings and issues; on Wednesdays be ready to work on the reading responses. Plan on expressing your ideas, frustrations, questions, successes, confusions, insights, etc.

Participation is counted as a "Level II" weight (described below).



As emergencies may arise, you will be allowed two unexcused absences, but you will always be responsible for obtaining the notes and completing the work for those days. A third unexcused absence will make a difference in your final grade.

Unless an emergency arises, do not miss this class. Quite a bit of the content of this course requires you to work with your classmates in general and your groupmembers in specific. If you miss a class due to an extreme situation, you must get with another student to learn what material you have missed.

If you wish to have your absence considered "excused," you must contact me and provide an official document (from an agency letterhead - e.g., doctor's office, funeral director, police, or your Adviser) explaining the reason/s for your absence for the day/s missed.

As this class meets two times each week, few absences are permitted for any reason. Unexcused absences will affect your grade for this class as follows:

Number of
Unexcused Absences
40 (0.0 for course)

No more than five "excused" absences will be permitted for classes which meet twice per week - including for sporting events you are to attend; if you have more than these "excused" absences, you must drop - or receive a 0.0 evaluation for the course. Again, you must make up any work you miss immediately.

Documentation for an "excused" absence is due within two weeks of the date of the absence. Again, it's just simpler to remember: do not miss this class.



Each assignment has an evaluation ranking - I, II, or III - determined by the amount of time and effort it takes to complete the assignment and its relative importance to other assignments. Final grades are calculated by averaging assignments at each rank and weighing them as follows:

Level I Assignments = 15% of Final Grade ("diagnostic" in-class writings, emailed writings to the instructor, non-presentation-related pop quizzes, etc.)

Level II Assignments = 40% of Final Grade (exams [two midterms and final exam], participation, and all presentation group matters [work submitted by Presentation Groups - subject to the same ranking system - receive common evaluations; i.e., each member of a Presentation Group receives the same grade for an assignment submitted for evaluation on behalf of the Presentation Group])

Level III Assignments = 45% of Final Grade (developed websites)

(Also remember how attendance and the grading criteria effect your Final Grade.)



The grading scale for efforts in this course are consistent with the MSU standard:

100 - 93%
= 4.0
92 - 85%
= 3.5
84 - 80%
= 3.0
79 - 75%
= 2.5
74 - 70%
= 2.0
69 - 65%
= 1.5
64 - 60%
= 1.0
below 60%
= 0.0