AL210 Group Projects

Website Design Project for
Vice President for Student Affairs and Services and
Assistant Provost for Academic Student Services & Multicultural Issues
Contact: Pat Enos, 353.6650 <>

Goal for the Website:

To provide a welcoming, engaging, and informative portal website for the VP/AP.

Goals for the AL210 Project:

For students to provide both ideas and a possible design for the SAS/ASSMI page that reflects the perspectives and style of students.


  • Develop a design which is consistent with the look and feel of the university and of other VPs.
  • Develop a main page which includes key elements, at a minimum:
  • Welcome/statement of purpose/mission
  • Recognition of the units that Dr. June is responsible for
  • Information students would expect to find on this page.
  • Information other stakeholders would expect to find (e.g. administrators, parents, national audience)
  • Links - what should people be able to link to from this site ... and what will those link buttons look like and be called on the main page?
  • Site identifier - either a picture or image or logo (that is consistent with University guidelines as specified on the University Relations page)
  • Page must link back to the MSU Homepage
  • Must include mailing and phone contact information
  • Must be accessible to a range of users - this includes language, visual representation, and disability. See: [opens a new window]


In order to better know what students would like to find on this page, each AL210 group will have a specific writing assignment:

  • Feeling More Than Lazy - A letter of welcome from the VP/AP
  • The Spods - A statement of purpose/mission for the VP/AP Units
  • White Scorpions - Survey Questions: If this site were to have a survey field, what kinds of things do you think the VP/AP should ask students about?

Feel free to create and develop other types of written information that would be included in your page layout and design. It will be helpful to know what students would like to know more about and what kind of information about SAS/ASSMI would be helpful to share.


  • Student Affairs and Services is a DIVISION. The units that report there are DEPARTMENTS.
  • Dr. June reports to both the President (as Vice President) and the Provost (as Assistant Provost).
  • See Organizational Chart [opens a new window]

MSU Outreach Folks Homepage Project
NOTE: this project has been tabled for the current semester

Outreach Home (this we don't goof with)

Contact Person

Adrienne R Herron
Outreach Partnerships Associate
Room 16 Kellogg Center, MSU
East Lansing MI 48824

Pages to be developed

.doc files
Robert E. Brown
Dave Knaggs

Adrienne has indicated we must use this webpage <> as our model for this project. So ... you'll want to revamp what you've done accordingly!