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Spring 2004 AL210 Course Goals

[mostly copped wholecloth from Dánielle's syllabus]

We will approach authoring for the World Wide Web from a variety of perspectives. We will look historically at patterns and trends that have shaped the Internet and the web and how these patterns and trends characterize the web today. We will look critically at how individuals, businesses, government organizations, and others construct and distribute knowledge within and through electronic spaces. We will look rhetorically at a variety of web sites to better understand effective - and not-so-effective - web design and to identify trends in design and information architecture.

We will then apply these principles by designing our own web spaces composing with HTML editors and working with raw code, and by capturing, creating, and manipulating graphics. And, most importantly, by reflecting upon and writing about the choices we make as we select among available technologies and approaches to perform web-authoring tasks.

By the end of the course, you should be able to:

  • make sound and informed technical, rhetorical, and design-related choices
  • apply sophisticated strategies for web writing and digital content development
  • critique, update, and troubleshoot web sites you have created
  • continue to develop your skills in designing and creating web sites
  • establish your own professional-quality web presence (plus some goofy stuff, if you like).

In no small part, you should be able to leave this class and go to another course - or an employer, for that matter - saying "here's what I've done" rather than "here's what I think I can do."