Fifteen Questions to Assist in Smart Surfing

adapted from Allan Kirkwood-Zahara's course on World Religions


1. Who is the author of the page and do they have a purpose I can clearly identify?
2. Are they trying to sell me something?
3. Are they trying to convert me to their cause or religion?

Point of view:

4. Is there a clear point of view or bias?
5. Is there a significant amount of evidence given to support this point of view?
6. Is this evidence in accord with other sources?
7. Is the evidence given selectively or fairly?
8. Does the point of view promote the hatred or subordination of any group of people?
9. Is it fair and reasonable?


10. Is the information coming from a legitimate source?
11. What kind of institution is the author associated with - a university, a library, a corporation, an interest group, an amateur club?
12. How does this influence the agenda and the point of view?
13. How does this influence the reliability of the evidence?
14. Do other sources corroborate - or "back up" - this agenda and point of view?
15. Does the author cite other legitimate sources that can be referred to?