Tom Getty’s web site revised 07/22/13

I am a professor at Michigan State University,

on the faculty of the Zoology Department

and the Kellogg Biological Station.

                                                  I took on the role of

                                                  Chair of MSU Zoology

                                                  in Fall 2013.

My research is in the field of behavioral ecology

- the study of the ecology and evolution of behavior.

In recent years most of the hard empirical work in my lab has been done by my grad students and postdocs, while I continue to chip away at some theoretical issues and devote increasing time to various sorts of service. 

I am actively involved in undergraduate teaching (BS182H) and graduate student training through MSU’s Ecology, Evolutionary Biology & Behavior Program, the BEACON STC project on Evolution in Action, and our KBS GK-12 Bioenergy Sustainability Project, which also allows me to work with K-12 science teachers and students - and prairie plants.

Right: Tom

on the Getty Faux Prairie.

Below: spiderwort

on the Getty Faux Prairie.

Coming and going at the cottage ...

Glenn’s quick sketch

Lizzy’s papercut

Thomas Getty                                                                                      


Michigan State University 
Kellogg Biological Station

Department of Zoology


NSF GK-12,


CogSci & QBI Programs;


University of Michigan