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Our research focuses on seismology and tectonics of eastern Russia, western Alaska, the Arctic, and Michigan. We use multiple data sets, including seismicity, seismotectonics, travel-time analysis, image and map interpretation, geomorphology, geology, and geochronology, to determine plate interactions, seismic hazards, crustal structure, and tectonic evolution. These results can be applied to earthquake prediction, nuclear monitoring, resource evaluation, and education.

Our work in northeastern Russia has been part of a cooperative program with the Geophysical Institute of the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the Institute of Diamonds and Precious Metal Geology (Yakutsk, Russia), and the Northeast Interdisciplinary Scientific Research Institute (Magadan, Russia).

Northeast Russia Seismology Program (NERSP) - (note:  large graphics files)

Tectonics and Solid Earth Geophysics
at Michigan State

The tectonics and solid-earth geophysics group at Michigan State University focuses on large scale lithospheric problems associated with the formation and evolution of mobile belts. Current research is oriented towards convergent plate boundaries in northeast Asia, mid-continent seismicity, evolution of oceanic lithosphere, geomagnetism, and the Precambrian of northern Michigan.

Kazuya Fujita (Professor)
Masako Tominaga (Assistant Professor)
Kevin Mackey (Assistant Professor)

F. William Cambray (Professor Emeritus)


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