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Courses Offered in 2013-2014

Fall Semester, 2013

GLG 401. Global Tectonics and Earth Structure (W). MW 12:40-2:00. Required four-day field trip September 26-29. Course website on Angel.

Spring Semester, 2013

ISP 203B (001). Understanding Earth Natural Hazards and the Environment. MWF 11:30-12:20. Course website on D2L.

ISP 203B (002). Understanding Earth Natural Hazards and the Environment. TTh 2:40-4:00. Course website on D2L.

Office Hours, Fall, 2013 (August 28 December 5, 2013) 

TTh 10:30-11:20 (not Sep 17, 26). Other times, weekend, and evening hours can be arranged upon request. However, I will be out of town or in conflicting meetings on some dates; to be safe, call or e-mail before stopping by.

I am usually on campus during the following times - usually earlier and sometimes later; however, I may not be in my office at all times. Subject to daily variations and change without notice.

Mon:  10:00A - 5:30P
Tue:  10:00A - 5:30P
Wed:  10:00A - 5:30P
Thu:  10:00A - 5:30P
Fri:  10:00A - 4:30P
Sat:  Usually not in or only limitedly
Sun:  1:00P  5:00P
Regularly scheduled classes, meetings, and other absences:
M 11:30-2:30; T 11:30-12:30, W 11:30-2:30, 4:00-5:00P; Th 11:30-12:30, F 11:30-1:30P
Other dates I am not in the office (subject to change without notice): 
August 29-September 2, September 5-8, September 14, September 26-29, October 5, October 23-25, November 29, December 6-17.

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