Earth Science Interdepartmental Program

The Department of Geological Sciences administers the Earth Science Interdepartmental major and teaching minor. A General Earth Science concentration or the concentration in Meteorology/Atmospheric Sciences must be selected. Students seeking teacher certification should select the Earth Science major with the General Earth Science Concentration of the Earth Science Teaching Minor.

Program Director:  Dr. Kazuya Fujita (Geological Sciences)
Earth Sciences Curriculum Committee:  Dr. Danita Brandt (Geological Sciences), Dr. Julie Winkler (Geography), Dr. Ed Loh (Physics-Astronomy)

Last updated November 8, 2011

Michigan Earth Science Teachers Association

Requirements for the major, minor, and concentrations.

Earth Science Major (with the General Earth Science concentration).  Teacher certification students should select this major and concentration.

Earth Science Major (with the Meteorology/Atmospheric Sciences concentration).

Earth Science Teaching Minor requirements for College of Education students.

For Deadlines for applying to the College of Education, please consult their web site

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