Russ Freed


International Agronomy


Libbie, Grace, Kammi, Evelyn, Russ, Thomas, Ruby, Eddie


384 Plant and Soil Sciences Building
Crop and Soil Sciences Department
Michigan State University
East Lansing MI 48824



Through service and excellence, I will promote equity, growth and justice in all my actions.  I will work with people to enhance their quality of life through learning and research.  I am committed to helping the poor people around the world.


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2001 Oats and Barley Test Results East Lansing MI

2002 Oats and Barley Test Results

2003 oats and Barley Test Results

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CSS 441 - Class Notes

     Lecture One            Lecture Eleven        Lecture Twenty-one
     Lecture Two           Lecture Twelve       Lecture Twenty-two
     Lecture Three         Lecture Thirteen      Lecture Twenty-three

     Lecture Four           Lecture Fourteen     Lecture Twenty-four

     Lecture Five           Lecture Fifteen        Lecture Twenty-five

     Lecture Six             Lecture Sixteen        Participatory Plant Breeding      
     Lecture Seven         Lecture Seventeen   Green Revolution
     Lecture Eight          Lecture Eighteen

     Lecture Nine           Lecture Nineteen

     Lecture Ten             Lecture Twenty