Peilei Fan   范蓓蕾

Associate Professor of Urban and Regional Planning

School of Planning, Design & Construction  &  The Center for Global Change and Earth Observations

Michigan State University

201M Human Ecology Building, 552 West Circle Drive, East Lansing, MI 48824

Direct: 517-432-6517;  School: 517-432-0704

Email : fanpeile <at> msu <dot> edu


Adjunct Faculty, Geography

Affiliated faculty, Global Urban Studies Program

Associate Editor for International Journal of Business and System Research (Inderscience),  International Journal of Technology and Globalization (Inderscience), and Journal of Science and Technology Policy in China (Emerald)




Ph.D. in Economic Development, 2003, MIT               

M.S. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, 2001, MIT                      

Master of City and Regional Planning, 1998, Rutgers University            

M.S. in Geography, 1995, Nanjing University, China                                               

B.S. in Computer Science, 1993, Nanjing University, China                       



Asian Development Bank (ADB)

Economist for ADB Project “Urbanization in Asia”, 2012

United Nations University – World Institute of Development Economics Research (UNU-WIDER)

Consultant for UNU-WIDER Project “Southern Engines of Global Growth”, 2008




Research Areas


Innovation and economic development, Asia’s urbanization, international planning and development. 


(1) Innovation in China, India and East Asia

(2) land use and urbanization in contemporary China and Southeast Asia.  


Recently Funded Research


Lead Principal Investigator (Co-investigators: Joseph Messina, Nathan Moore, Jianjun Ge, and Peter Verburg). 2009-2013. “China's Urbanization and its Sustainability under Future Climate Change,” National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), $621,496.


Principal Investigator (Lead PI: Yifei Sun, California State University, Northridge). 2011-2013. “Workshop on Chinese Ways of Innovation: Strategic Directions of Research on Chinese Innovation,” National Science Foundation (NSF), $58,188.


Principal Investigator. 2008-2009. “Research publication in innovation in Asia and urban sustainability in China,” Center for Advanced Studies of International Development (CASID), Michigan State University, $9,000.


Principal Investigator. 2007-2009. “Innovation, globalization, and catching-up by Chinese high-tech firms,” Intramural Research Grant Program, Michigan State University, $28,926.





UP 801: Concepts and Issues in Planning and Development (Fall 2013)


New Course -

UP 855: Urban Sustainability and Climate Change (offered in Fall 2012 as UP800 Section 4, will be offered again in Spring 2014)


If you are a registered student of the classes, you will be able to access materials related to the class through the MSU Angel Course Management System.  If you are a graduate student and plan to do a Master Thesis (Plan A) in my research area, please prepare a page of your ideas and stop by my office to have a chat.  I am always looking for motivated and talented students.


Recent Publications

Guest Editor for Journal Special Issues

1. Guest Editor for  International Journal of Technology and Globalization 3(4) 2007

Special Issue: China’s Technology Catching Up.


2. Guest Editor for International Journal of Business and Systems Research 4(5/6) 2010

Special Issue: Chinese Strategic Management: A Systems Perspective on the Practical Aspects and Theoretical Reflections (with Mingfang Li and Xudong Gao).


Referred Journal Articles

1.     Yue, Wenze, Fan, Peilei, Wei, Yehua, and Qi, Jiaguo. Forthcoming. Economic development, urban expansion, and sustainable development in Shanghai. Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment. DOI 10.1007/s00477-012-0623-8

2.     Yue, Wenze, Liu, Yong, and Fan, Peilei. 2013. Measuring urban sprawl in large Chinese cities: the case of Hangzhou.  Land Use Policy 31: 358-370.

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Book Chapters

Fan, Peilei, Qi, Jiaguo, Chen, Xi, Messina, Joseph, Huang, Huiqing, Li, Xue. Forthcoming. Urban Expansion and Environment Change in Dryland East Asia. In Chen, Jiquan, Shiqiang Wan, Geoff Henebry, Jiaguo Qi, Garik Gutman, Martin Kappas, Ge Sun, eds. Dryland East Asia (DEA): Land Dynamics amid Social and Climate Change. Beijing: Higher Education Press.

Qi, Jiaguo, Fan, Peilei, and Chen, Xi.  2012.  The urban expansion and sustainability challenge of cities in China’s west: the case of Urumqi.  In Igor Vojnovic (ed) Urban Sustainability: A Global Perspective. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press, pp. 69-100.

Fan, Peilei and Wan, Guanghua. 2009. Innovation capability for economic development: the Chinese experience in the reform era. In Arthur Sweetman and Jun Zhang (eds) Economic Transition with Chinese Characteristics: Thirty years of Reform and Opening Up. Montreal: McGill Queen’s University Press, Volume 1, pp. 99-122.  (Book website:

Fan, Peilei and Wan, Guanghua. 2008. China’s regional inequality in innovation capability, 1995-2004. In Guanghua Wan (ed) Inequality and Growth in Modern China. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 144-162.  ISBN13: 9780199535194; ISBN10: 0199535191



Book Review

Fan, Peilei. 2009. Book Review for The Inside Story of China’s High-Tech Industry: Making Silicon Valley in Beijing by Yu Zhou. 2007. Lanham, MD: Rowman & Littlefield. Economic Geography 85(3): 342-344.

Fan, Peilei. 2008. Book Review for Interfirm Relations under Late Industrialization in China: The Supplier System in the Motorcycle Industry by Moriki Ohara. 2006. Chiba, Japan: Institute of Developing Economics, Japan External Trade Organization. China Review 8(1): 159-161.



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