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I. Courses (minimum 31 credits )

ALL of the following (28 credits):

    JPN 202 Second-year Japanese II (5 cr)
    JPN 301 Third-year Japanese I (4 cr)
    JPN 302 Third-year Japanese II (4 cr)
    JPN 369 Introduction to Japanese Literature and Culture (3 credits)
    JPN 401 Fourth-year Japanese I (3 cr)
    JPN 402 Fourth-year Japanese II (3 cr)
    JPN 469 Seminar in Japanese Literature and Culture (W) (3 cr)
    LLT 307 Methods of Language Teaching (3 cr)

ONE of the following (3 credits):
JPN 350 Studies in Japanese Language (3 cr)
JPN 431 Advanced Spoken Japanese (3 cr)
JPN 441 Japanese Short Stories (3 cr)
JPN 451 Advanced Japanese for Japanese Language Proficiency Test Preparation (3 cr)
JPN 471 Classical Japanese I (3 cr)
JPN 472 Classical Japanese II (3 cr)

II. Capstone experience

This requirement may be satisfied by completing JPN 493 or JPN 499, or completing special assignments in any of the following JPN courses: JPN 401, 402, 431, 441, 451, 469, 471, 472.

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