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Intelligence & Democratic Action (1960)

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In 1958, Knight spent the spring term (January - May) at the Thomas Jefferson Center for Studies in Political Economy at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville. The Jefferson Center was a precursor of the Center for the Study of Public Choice that James Buchanan began at VPI (and later moved to George Mason University, where it became part of the Buchanan Center for Political Economy). While there, he gave a series of six lectures entitled "Intelligence and Democratic Action." Buchanan arranged for the lectures to be taped, and then produced a transcript, which became this book.

The lectures represent the last published statement of Knight's post-war reflections on social action in a democratic society. From 1945 on, he worked on a manuscript concerned about the economics, politics, and ethics of liberal society. Various versions of the manuscript exist in Knight's unpublished papers, and many of Knight's published essays emerged from aspects of the project. However, this book is the only published version of the entire project.

Original Publication
Knight, Frank H. 1960. Intelligence & Democractic Action. Cambridge: Harvard University Press.

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